DARRIO‘s debut EP “The Preliminary” has just been released on our sub division GERMAICA AUSTRIA2018 for DARRIO will be all about progress… With productions from Jamaica, Austria and France, as well as features from legendary Reggae Artiste EVERTON BLENDER and newcomer KIM NAIN, this release for sure will lift the SingJay to the next level of his career…

Enjoy some high quality music of rising Jamaican Reggae & Dancehall Artiste DARRIO!

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Title: The Preliminary EP
Artiste: Darrio
Featured Producers: Tom Hype, Dub Akom, Picante Music, Warriors Muzick, Knocturnal
Featured Artistes: Everton Blender, Kim Nain
Master: Martin Scheer
Executive Producer: Tom Hype for Germaica Austria
Label: Germaica Austria
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Jan12 2018

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RAS LUTA‘s new single “Stop” has just been released on our sub division GERMAICA POLSKA.

Artiste: Ras Luta
Title: Stop
Prod. & arr. by: Pionear
Mastered by: Martin Scheer
Label: Germaica Polska
Distr.: MO Music
Release: Jan11 2018

Played by The ​Germaicans:

Leander​ ​”Pionear”​ ​Topp:​ ​Bass, guitars, drums, backing vocals
Mattscher​ ​”Mittoo”​ ​Falkenau:​ ​Hammond,​ ​Clavinet,​ keyboards
Johanna​ ​Järemo:​ ​Saxes
Roman​ ​Sadowski:​ ​Mix,​ ​samples,​ ​add. drums


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Management​ ​&​ ​Booking:​ ​Marcin​ ​Owczarek​ ​+48​ ​608​ ​511​ ​017



“Gyal A Mad Mi” is the new single of Jamaican Ace DeeJay AGENT SASCO aka ASSASSIN… as well as the GERMAICA DIGITAL debut of Germano-Brasilian Hip Hop producer DEFEKTO from “Germaica Central” Leipzig…

With lyrics refering to his relentless touring of Europe and an instrumental u can call a hybrid between Dancehall and Hip Hop… this track is yet another proof of the seemingly endless creativity of “SASCO”…

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Artiste: Agent Sasco
Title: Gyal A Mad Mi
Prod. & arr. by: Defekto
Mastered by: Martin Scheer
Label: Germaica Digital
Release: Dec01 2017
Distr. by: finetunes

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With this piece of music we would as well like to welcome to the label & introduce to you FABI BENZ from Stuttgart / Germany… Known for being restless on the road as DJ and promoter of Dancehall events and member of CITY LOCK SOUND and WUK’N’WILD CREW, as new co-producer he will be contributing to future releases of GERMAICA DIGITAL and is responsible for the edit of the track that we release today:

Listen “WSTRN – Txtin’ ft. Alkaline (The Germaicans Remix) Fabi Benz Edit on soundcloud

Listen “WSTRN – Txtin’ ft. Alkaline (The Germaicans Remix) Fabi Benz Edit on YouTube

FABI BENZ as well is hosting a fairly new radio show out of Washington D.C. called “Germaica Mondaze”… which we would like to recommend to you… You can tune een to ABLAZIN RADIO every Monday at 02:00pm EST / 07:00pm GMT / 20:00 CET.

Artiste: WSTRN
Title: Txtin’ ft. Alkaline (The Germaicans Remix)
Edit: Fabi Benz
Produced & arr. by Pionear for Topp Entertainment / Germaica Digital
Mastered by Martin Scheer
The Germaicans are:
Leander “Pionear” Topp: Bass, drums, guitars, back voc
Mattscher “Mittoo” Falkenau: Hammond, Clavinet, keyboards
Johanna Järemo: Saxes
Roman Sadowski: Mix, samples, add. drums