Upliftment Int’l unleashes Ill Inspecta Dub Plate Mix!

GERMAICA Hardcore DeeJay ILL INSPECTA is ready to launch his European album. Expected for this fall, it will contain all underground hits as well as brand new tunes of the GERMAICA soldier. But before the full length release drops ILLI shows his versatility with an all dub plate mix (actually the first one of a German Artiste ever) produced by the official GERMAICA sound UPLIFTMENT INT’L! This mix proves clearly why ILL INSPECTA is in such high demand for dubs – sharp delivery, killer-hooks and witty lyrics make him one of the few relevant dub plate artistes of European origin. You can download the mix “Upliftment Int’l presents: Ill Inspecta – Di Krazy European” here.

Keep checking back for the release date of the full length album “Ill Inspecta – The Krazy European”.

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