For more than a decade SOUTH RAKKAS CREW has been at the forefront of the fusion of worldwide sounds at the heart of the Global Bass movement. “Bang Bang Woo!” takes this fusion to the next level creating a blistering track that fuses the powers of NOLA Bounce, Moombahton and Dancehall into a concentrated beam of energy that will raise any party to the next level. It’s not that playtime is over, it’s that it just got a shot of nitrous on the highway to debauchery.

It’s a first taste of the “Marcy Who?” EP dropping in the next few months – a project centered around Jamaican vocalist MARCY CHIN. With SOUTH RAKKAS producer D-RAKKAS, new corners of Global Bass music are uncovered. Both artists bring their familiarity of diverse genres to create music that is at once uncategorizable yet unmistakably Jamaican.

The unique sound of their collaboration is due in no small part to how they came together. The project got underway without them initially meeting or even speaking with each other. The label GERMAICA DIGITAL approached D-RAKKAS to produce the project, telling him of the artist within the BADA BADA GANG – camp of Dancehall’s legendary group WARD 21. MARCY CHIN wanted something different. Not necessarily knowing what this meant, he started sending his beats through group member KUNLEY WARD (Kunley McCarthy) figuring most would be rejected. To his surprise, they started recording and sending stuff back. Without any communication they had found common ground. When they finally spoke on the phone it was a confirmation of a great creative partnership.

The fruits of this partnership will be available to all July 1st with the release of the “Bang Bang Woo!” single. Be on the lookout for a remix package, video and tour later this year.

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Title: Bang Bang Woo!
Artiste: South Rakkas Crew & Marcy Chin
Producer: D-Rakkas for South Rakkas Crew
Format: Single (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Jul01 2015


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