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Artist: Krabat 808
Title: Coco Jambo Michelsee
Producer: Pionear, Robin Hype
Format: Single
Master: Sascha “Busy” Bühren
Label: Germaica Digital
Release: 27.11. 2020

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Artist: Krabat 808
Titel: Reset
Format: Single
Producer: Pionear, Robin Hype
Master: Sascha “Busy” Bühren
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr:: The Orchard
Release: 09.10. 2020

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Germaica Digital presents a label compilation with thematical recordings from it’s 20 years of label history. 15 songs about all aspects of whatever you call it, weed, marihuana, herb, ganja.

The line up boasts everything that made the label the European frontrunner when it comes to Dancehall and Reggae music, top class Jamaican Artistes like Vybz Kartel, Ward 21, Bugle ft. Shaggy or Mr. Vegas meet some of Europe’s finest like Ras Luta from Poland or Andalusian crooner Shabu.

To round it up the already released advance single “Tu mi dai” sees the label’s studio band The Germaicans team up with Italian Godfathers of Dancehall Reggae Sud Sound System. Enjoy this truly green compilation!

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01 Love Marihuana Gone To Bed – Vybz Kartel (2013)
02 OG Kush – Ward 21 (2016)
03 Tu Mi Dai – Sud Sound System x The Germaicans (2020)
04 Blaze The Chalice – Mr. Vegas (2001)
05 Herbs Man – Ward 21 (2015)
06 Prosty rym – Ras Luta (2020)
07 Roll It – Hawkeye (2012)
08 Ganja (The Germaicans Remix) – Bugle ft. Shaggy (2017)
09 High Grade – Mr. G & Vershon ft. Bobi Wine (2013)
10 Sensimillionaire – Shabu (2011)
11 Guilty – Onton ft. Konshens (2012)
12 Sensi Fi Legal – Tom Hype (2011)
13 Wanna Get High – Delly Ranks (2012)
14 Highsgeliebtes Gras – D-Flame & Tolga (2000)
15 Sensimilla – Bob One & Da Bass (2006)

Title: Germaica Weed Anthems
Artiste: Various
Format: Album
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: The Orchard
Release: Jul17 2020


THE GERMAICANS studio band teams up with Italian Godfathers of Dancehall Reggae SUD SOUND SYSTEM for their single “Tu mi dai”. The track voiced over the ever fresh “Saxoniaan Beat” is testament to the Salento trio’s love for Marihuana.

At the same time it is the upfront single for the compilation “Germaica Weed Anthems” which features thematical recordings from 20 years of label history. “Germaica Weed Anthems” will  be released on Jul17 2020.

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Title: Tu mi dai
Artistes: Sud Sound System x The Germaicans
Producer: Leander “Pionear” Topp
Mix: Roman Sadowski, Tom Hype
Master: Sascha “Busy” Bühren
Format: Single
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: The Orchard
Release: Jul03 2020


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Ras Luta and Pionear started working together exactly 15 years ago in February 2005, when recording for Poland’s first ever Reggae & Dancehall compilation “Polski ogień”, released by Warner Music Polska the following year. Followed by productions for Luta’s band project “EastWest Rockers” and his first solo effort “Jeśli​ ​Słyszysz” the both coming full circle now with an entirely custom made album played by Pionear’s studio band The Germaicans. You might ask why a Reggae album now? Because it’s not so much about trends and number of streams, but rather about two stubborn musical friends paying tribute to “their” music!

The release’s lyrics shed light on observations and experiences made by Ras Luta when looking at his musical career and general life. Thus the overall impetus is that of a “grown up” classic Reggae album. The title track “Lepsze dni” , “Masz w sobie siłę ft. Junior Stress”, “Dom w chmurach” all are vivid testament to Luta’s love for Roots Reggae and prove his excellent songwriting. Still the album holds surprises, with trappy “Zimny kamień” and of course the niyahbinghi-r’n’b-power-ballad-hybrid “Szadrach, Meszach & Abednego” and it’s unique ‘spiritual’ feel. 

The previously released singles “Stop”, “Rozdarty” carrying more of a pop song structure. The third single “Mój ogień” and “Jak na początku” are both relicks of Jamaican classic riddims. In case you wondered if there is an “off” track you should definitely check out the Two-Tone-Ska stomper “Szarzy ludzie”. Finally “Prosty rim” is not only a hommage to the glorious 90s in Dancehall music but also the new single which heralds the album release on February 21st 2020!

To seal what will be probably the most important Polish Reggae release of the year mastering was provided by platinum certified Sascha “Busy” Bühren (Peter Fox, Seeed) from Berlin / Germany.

Artiste: Ras Luta
Title: Lepsze dni
Format: Digital Album, CD
Label: Germaica Polska
Distr.: The Orchard

Produced & arranged by Pionear for Germaica Polska
Mastered by Sascha “Busy” Bühren for True Busyness Prod.

Played by The Germaicans:
Leander “Pionear” Topp: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keys, Backing Vocals
Matthias Falkenau: Hammond, Clavinet, Keys
Johanna Järemo: Saxophones
Roman Sadowski: Mix, Sample, Add. Drums

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