PIONEAR gwaan tell dem: „This is the dawning of a new era!“*

After releasing 16 Riddims in the classic 45rpm format, global smashs like „Cure“, or classics like „Doctor’s Darling“ amongst them, GERMAICAN RECORDS label chief executive PIONEAR was observing the decrease of the music business while being focused on Artiste Development and evolving a „music only“ label into a Dancehall lifestyle outlet launching his own street wear label of course called GERMAICA.

But there’s still lots of love for the „Art of Riddim building“ in the heart of the Saxon Dancehall entrepreneur and the latest developments whithin the business make it even easier to just „do some good music“ and release it not only whithout waiting on pressing plants and logistics companies but also leaving behind the fatal dependence on George Bush waring for oil to produce vinyl… „Real producer nah wait pon CIA!“ that’s why:

GERMAICAN RECORDS launches GERMAICA, the first all digital Dancehall label in the world!

First release of the GERMAICA DIGITAL imprint will be the „Opium“ Riddim. Hardcore to the bone and with a strong HipHop flavour the „Opium“ carries heavyweight tunes just by some of the finest Artistes of the genre. First up is the „Original Warlord“ BOUNTY KILLER definitely with his strongest effort in a while. „Bad Man A Roll“ is the first recording of the „Poor People Governor“ for PIONEAR. Another Jamaican legend – COBRA – shows with „Rude Bwoy Thing Is Not A Game“ – his already third tune for the Leipzig based label – why he’s called one of the all time favourite Jamaican DeeJays. Late Danish SingJay sensation NATASJA who delivered THE international club hit 2007/2008 with „Calabria“ is lyrically destroying all vampires in the business who exploit the Artistes. „Sucky Sucky“ is one of the only few posthumous songs available from the badly missed super talent. This state-of-the-art production was mixed and mastered by the German No.1 Busy of True Busyness Prod.

Check the new iSpace-site „GERMAICA DIGITAL“ here:

*Quote: taken from the song „(Dawning of A) New Era“ by The Specials

Riddim ID

Title: Opium Riddim
Artiste: Various
Producer: Pionear for Topp Entertainment/GERMAICA
Mix/Master: Busy for True Busyness Prod.
Release: May 30th 2008
Format: mp3/WAV
Available at:, iTunes, Musicload, finetunes, Beat Source, Juno Download

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