It’s obvious that there’s a new Dancehall star producer in the making… EMIR “YOUTHMAN” KOBILICs first release, the YU GO! RIDDIM took Europe by storm immediately and within weeks bootleg versions in all corners of the continent popped up, wheather in Italy, Spain or Bulgaria. So the idea was born to expand the riddim to the different territories and first up is our strongest sub division GERMAICA IBERIA with their cut of the YU GO! pie.

Already in February we released the pre single of the YU GO! IBERIA – ZURIs LA CUENTA ATRÁS which is a fine blend of classic Flamenco with YOUTHMANs hardcore Dancehall pattern and of course the Balkan flavoured sample from Bosnian 80s music. To prove even further how close the music styles of the BALKANS and IBERIA are IJAH & LITTLE PEPE with HASTA EL FONDO and SHABU with SOLO PARA MÍ  felt obviously inspired to deliver renditions to their Andalusian home turf with songs that could easily stand the test of any Flamenco expert.

RAPSUSKLEI, originating from Zaragoza, is a real Heavyweight in the Spanish Hip Hop circuit and delivers maybe the most astonishing track of the riddim with his Hater Anthem SHA-LA-LA. Next up is THEE spanish veteran MR. RANGO from Madrid with MR. MENTION. Representing the Basque country is Hardcore DeeJay NOVATO from Bilbao. Finally the new dogg on the GERMAICA IBERIA compound is Talaveran LASAI who lately moved to Madrid. He delivers a nice Ladies tune to round up this first official riddim release of our label…

Calling all Europe Kru to check out the seemingly endless talent coming from the Iberian peninsula and everybody seh:


Listen to the “Yu Go! Iberia” MegaMix from Chronic Sound (MAD)

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