Here we go with the second of 4 more singles on the UPLIFTMENT INT’L/DREADSQUAD produced QUESTION? RIDDIM. Everybody – especially in Poland – remembers DR. RING DINGs 2011 smash hit POLISH VODKA and its video which was shot in Warsaw… Like for Hawkey the QUESTION? RIDDIM fits perfectly for “The one & only real German Dancehall veteran”. And it fits that much that he voiced a self-counteraction to POLISH VODKA!

BOMBOKLAATÓWKA was “invented” as an imaginary drink at the incredible release party for the QUESTION? RIDDIM at “Dancehall Masak-Rah” – the best Dance in Eastern Europe. When PIONEAR premiering POLISH VODKA telling the people to get some “Żubrówka”, “Wyborowa”, “Wisniówka”,  Cytrnówka and … get some “Bloodklaatówka”… A verbal forward turned into the idea by MALIK from SINGLE DREAD SOUND (Węgorzewo/Mazury) to do a song… And here we go with the recipe for the drink that “make your brain melt”. Of course with the trade mark ironic lyrics of RYSIEK but not missing the advise of THE DOCTOR to not exaggerate the drinking. This one is destined to be a next hit for DR. RING DING. And maybe not only in Polska like the one before…

Bomboklaatówka is set for an April 19 release. In the meantime you can grab 1 of just 100 Pre Release digital copies at our SoundCloud:

Dr. Ring Ding – Bomboklaatówka Pre Release on SoundCloud

Dr. Ring Ding – Bomboklaatówka on iTunes


Title: Bomboklaatówka
Artiste: Dr. Ring Ding
Format: Single (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Producer: Upliftment Int’l / Dreadsquad
Master: Marek Bogdanski for Dreadsquad
Release: Apr. 19th 2012
Distributor: mp3.soundquake.com


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