This one is the first official Riddim release on our newest European sub division GERMAICA POLSKA, which is a co-operation with the most active and successful Polish Dancehall Kru DANCEHALL MASAK-RAH from Warsaw. 27PABLO, DRIVAH, JUNIOR STRESS & MOTHASHIPP run the baddes’ weekly regular Dance in Eastern Europe and as well host a radio show on national radio “Czwórka” every Saturday at 02:00pm. It was also there where the YU GO! RIDDIM was premiered for Poland… And from this very moment Poland loved it and gave it an overwhelming feedback. This being said it was more than logic to issue a local leg of the riddim…

And here YU go! Besides the teaser song NADSZIEDŁ JUŻ CZAS from BAS TAJPAN & BOB ONE – anchor single for their “Protest 2012” EP and tour – and the first official single NIC NA SIŁE from SZTOSS five more tunes were voiced on the YU GO! POLSKA. First up is long time GERMAICA affiliate MARIKA – Polands no.1 female Reggae & Dancehall Artiste – with TURISTYZNA PIOSENKA (“Touristic Song”) Quote: “When you travel, you discover how different and beautiful people are… You feel a closer connection with the world”.

The “Dancehall Masak-Rah” Kru delivers the next two tunes: JUNIOR STRESS introduces his new “evil” alter ego YUREK DRES and the kraziest tune of the selection NIE MAM CZASU by 27PABLO & MOTHASHIPP shows what happens when PIONIR from “Zachodnia Polska” pressures his partners in Warsaw to step pon di riddim and everybody say: “But I’m to exhausted and don’t even have the time to write lyrics…” – the translation of NIE MAM CZASU is “I don’t have time”.

Six years ago PIONEAR started to work in Poland and in a joint venture with SILVER DREAD from veteran sound LOVE SENSI MUSIC from Lublin the critically acclaimed album POLSKI OGIEN was produced. Some even say it was the real starting point for Polish Dancehall, but for sure it was the first album of the genre on a major label – Warner Music Poland – and introduced a lot of the Artistes to a wider audience that “run PL” today…

Besides the mentioned BOB ONE, MARIKA and JUNIOR STRESS  the protagonists of the two remaining songs on the YU GO! POLSKA have also been part of this milestone: CHEEBA of supergroup EASTWEST ROCKERS from Wrocław delivers a hommage to his Gypsy roots with CYGAŃSKI STYL (“Gypsy Style”) and MUZYKA by CHVAŚCIU of vocal trio SILESIAN SOUND is closing this release with lyrics about why all of us are inna dis “Music” ting…

YU GO! POLSKA we seh!

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Bas Tajpan & Bob One – Nadszedł już czas Video

Sztoss – Nic na siłę Video


Title: Yu Go! Polska Riddim
Artiste: Various
Format: Album (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Producer: Emir „Youthman“ Kobilic for Germaica Digital
Musician: Emir „Youthman“ Kobilic
Master: Emir „Youthman“ Kobilic
Executive Producer: Leander “Pionear” Topp
Release: Apr. 20th 2012
Distributor: mp3.soundquake.com


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Cheeba on facebook
Bob One on facebook
Bas Tajpan on facebook
Chvaściu on facebook
Germaica Polska website

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