“guzica” (n.): … guza; zadnxica; bulxa; kanta; strazxnxica; dupe; dupence; zadnjica; stražnjica; zadnje noge; pozadina; tur; rump; buttocks; nates; arse; butt; backside; bum; buns; can; fundament; hindquarters; hind end; keister; posterior; prat; rear; rear end; stern; seat; tail; tail end; tooshie; tush; bottom; behind; derriere; fanny; ass…

SANJIN & YOUTHMAN – the official “Balkan Dancehall” ambassadors – returning with a brand nju tjun for all the “BALKAN DANCEHALL” fans… After the drinking anthem “Hocu da se napijem“, the Rude Bwoy tune “Vadim pistolj” and the well received turf banger “Runnin’ Dis Town” – their contribution to the hyping “Yu Go! Riddim” – it’s the highest time to big up all the girls and their features!

The instrumental was produced by one half of the duo… Emir “Youthman” Kobilic. The man who also build the mentioned “Yu Go! Riddim” is for sure a talent to watch out for in the future! Also pay attention to the the krazy cover by Emanuel Karlsson… “Guzica” is available on all digital download platforms from today!

Sanjin & Youthman – Guzica on iTunes

Check the little video feature about SANJIN & YOUTHMAN premiering “Guzica” on national Swedish Radio:

Sanjin & Youthman – Premiering Guzica on “Radio SR Metropol”

If you’re a Selector/DJ or you have a radio show and need a .wav file of the song just write an email to:


If any fan wants the artwork in high resolution just write an email to:


Link up:

Sanjin & Youthman on facebook

Emir “Youthman” Kobilic on facebook

Emanuel Karlsson website

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