Here YU go with the first official Riddim release on our latest sub-division GERMAICA JAPAN. In co-operation with our local partner SUNNYSIDE RECORDS we’d like to introduce the YU GO! JAPAN RIDDIM! – on 2 singles, 4 Artistes from 4 different cities are to check…

First up is J.T.C. FEAT. T. from Tokyo. They are one of the hottest Dancehall Reggae groups from Japan with leader CHOP STICK and the young star DeeJays J-REXXX & TANAKEN. Eventhough they are a new group, they have already some hit tunes under their belt and over 60 songs recorded. The lyrics are about their love to an international sweet originating from the “Sachsen-Anhalt” region in Germany: BAUMKUCHEN! Japan knows the deal!

Next is a track called BURNING MAN the debut of AIKYO – a new voice from Izu/Shizuoka. He is an upcoming DeeJay known for his country soldier style and variations of melodical Ragga flows. Positive vibration and straight lyrics with a rebel message are his musical weapons to fight against the evil. AIKYOs lyrics are about the current social problems of Japan such as nukes and the corrupted political system.

ARARE from Yokohama/Kanagawa is an artist who is deeply addicted to writing lyrics and producing riddim tracks. He writes lyrics rooted in his quite unique way of thinking. The goal he wants to achieve is going out to the World with localism. MUSIC SALESMAN is about how he enjoys shaking hands with Germany to fight against English speakers.

The fourth track comes from 4X4 and called SHAMPOO IS LIMITED ONCE AGAIN. 4×4 – originating from Sayama/Saitama – is the No. 1 slackness DeeJay from Japan. He is a member of the well-known Reggae group SHOWRENTAI. The lyrics are about his daily practice to wash pubic hair with shampoo to attract girls…

The YU GO! JAPAN RIDDIM is our first step into the Japanese Dancehall business and we’re proud to represent for those talented Artistes from Nippon! Single No. 1 is available from now on. The second one will be released on Sep26.

You can check the official release trailer for Japan on our YouTube channel here

Here the first single J.T.C. feat. T. – Baumkuchen / Aikyo – Burning Man on iTunes

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